Why I became a Kiwanian…

I was fortunate to deliver two bicycles to Jackson Christian Elementary School for Reading Month. My sons went there (and so did I when it was Harrington School!). Just being in the building gave me some wonderful memories.

The theme for their reading month was, Ramblin’ Reading Road Trip USA. The teachers took students on a virtual “reading road trip” across the country. In one of the photos you will see the
teachers in the cardboard truck.

They scheduled March 22nd for the bicycle drawing. The teachers opened with a little skit. They placed the names of each student who qualified (I believe they all did) in two bags- one for girls and another for boys. I was asked to draw names of a girl and a boy; I drew Willow and
Liam – a brother and sister!

Willow wouldn’t let go of her new bicycle. She held it so tightly; you could see how
proud she was. Her brother Liam was a bit shy, but excited nonetheless. All children
were invited to take a book off their choice from among a large selection on two

I’ve attached a few photos from the event. It was glorious. As I told Jeff in a voicemail
I will not miss this next year. Hearing the excitement and seeing the faces of students
reminded me of why I became a Kiwanian. – Chad Noble

“This is the Best Day Ever”

“Just had to share that I got a call from my son’s school today, and he won one of the
bikes from Kiwanis for reading month. So fun to know it came from you.

He never chooses his bike when we come outside even though he knows how to ride
it, but has never been confident about it. Since he won, he’s wants to ride every day!
Getting an 11-year-old motivated to physical activity over screens is sooo hard and
I’m, sooo thankful for this special thing that is happening.” – Elizabeth, Wonder &
Wander Jackson

Kiwanis Day of Giving

Join us for a day that could change the lives of kids around the world! On April 7, 2023, we’re
conducting our first Kiwanis Day of Giving. That’s the Kiwanis Children’s Fund’s 84th birthday, and
we’re celebrating by raising US$45,000 — enough to reach up to 20,000 children. Your gift to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund matters! In fact, just US$2.25 has been shown to make a positive impact on one child.

How do we participate? Visit: http://bit.ly/3nxLsfn to find out more.

Prayer Breakfast – May 10th

Please join us on Wednesday, May 10, 7:30 – 9:00 am for our annual Jackson Kiwanis Prayer Breakfast.
The Cascades Manor House will serve crust-less quiche, bagels, fresh fruit orange juice, & coffee/tea. Cost: $15.

Breakfast committee: Phil, Mary Lou, Therese, Pat, Barbara, Betty, & Dr. Jim.

Inner Service Club Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 6 at 2 PM at the Community Credit Union on Parnall
Rd. Discussions include a plan for a blood drive to be held in May. Local clubs include Kiwanis, Rotary,
Exchange and Lions Clubs.

Save the Date – KiwanisONE

Save the Date:
Divisions 11 & 12 will hold their KiwanisONE event on Saturday, April 1st from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. at the ProMedica Conference Center 370 East Chicago St. Coldwater, Michigan. This one-day event will involve Ovation, Networking and Education. $30/person. Please let Mike Zuchowski know if you plan to attend.

March 2023 Monthly President Letter

Dear Fellow Kiwanians,

Just like that, it is now March. I really need to stop being surprised each month when I write these letters that yet another month has flown by. March promises to be such a fun month, not only will we be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th, we are also going on a field trip to Vista Grand Villa on March 24th.

One of the things I love best about March is that it is Reading Month. We are (have) distributed 94 bikes to local elementary schools to reward children for positive reading habits. Our club stepped up big this year and every school has a designated Kiwanian who will be responsible for coordinating the bike drop off and sending information and pictures to our sponsors.

With all of the comings and goings that happened in February, we weren’t able to have follow up meetings to either Membership or Community Analysis so I will suggest we pick back up with a
Membership Meeting on March 10th and Community Analysis on March 17th.

Thank you,
P.S. I hope you are all safe and warm after last week’s ice storm.

Kiwanis Disc Golf Signs

Our beautiful new signs have been installed at Kiwanis Disc Golf at Sharp Park. They are much larger and made to last! Take a drive by to see what our project money has sponsored.

Flag Project Knowledge Sharing

Are you looking for a meaningful way to impact your Club and the children we serve?

Beth and Jim Philo have been the coordinators of our Flag Project for several years. They have a well organized system that keeps track of all flags our club places. They are not ready to retire; however, we have the opportunity for someone to learn from them with the plan to take over and run the Flag program in the future.

The Flag Project is important to the Club and the community we serve. There is no urgency today; however, the Kiwanis Board feels we should identify someone who would eventually run the program while there is time to learn from Beth and Jim.

You are under no obligation if you would like to learn more. To find out about the duties, please contact Jim Philo at [email protected]

Thank you.

March 24 – Lunch Location Change

Attention Kiwanis Members
Please mark the date of MARCH 24 for a change of location for our Friday Meeting! The club will be meeting in the Grand Room at Vista Grand Villa at the usual time, noon! We will enjoy a nice lunch prepared by their food catering service!! Price will be the same $14.00 and some of the residents are Kiwanis members and will be attending!!

Our speaker will be Joe Thorrez of Thorrez Industries, a family owned business since

There will be ample parking! Please use Doney Dr off of Springport Rd to the driveway sign that says Grand Room (turn left) to the parking lot!!!

Please plan on joining us!!!

See you there!!!
Mary Lou McFadden