Why I became a Kiwanian…

I was fortunate to deliver two bicycles to Jackson Christian Elementary School for Reading Month. My sons went there (and so did I when it was Harrington School!). Just being in the building gave me some wonderful memories.

The theme for their reading month was, Ramblin’ Reading Road Trip USA. The teachers took students on a virtual “reading road trip” across the country. In one of the photos you will see the
teachers in the cardboard truck.

They scheduled March 22nd for the bicycle drawing. The teachers opened with a little skit. They placed the names of each student who qualified (I believe they all did) in two bags- one for girls and another for boys. I was asked to draw names of a girl and a boy; I drew Willow and
Liam – a brother and sister!

Willow wouldn’t let go of her new bicycle. She held it so tightly; you could see how
proud she was. Her brother Liam was a bit shy, but excited nonetheless. All children
were invited to take a book off their choice from among a large selection on two

I’ve attached a few photos from the event. It was glorious. As I told Jeff in a voicemail
I will not miss this next year. Hearing the excitement and seeing the faces of students
reminded me of why I became a Kiwanian. – Chad Noble

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